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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

AKP Tech Code to Text Ratio Checker Tools text ratio represents the percentage of specific text on an online web page compared to the percentage of HTML code, and it is used by search engines like google to calculate the relevancy of a web page.

A higher code to text ratio will increase your chances of getting a better rank in search engine outcome. No longer all search engines like google use the code to text ratio, however some do… so it gives you a main abilities over rivals and throughout all search engines when you do make it a priority to have a bigger code to text ratio to your site.

To use this instrument, effectively enter the URL of any internet page (don’t limit yourself to analyzing handiest the top level area!) and hit enter. Your outcome will display the web page measurement, Code measurement, text measurement, and Code to textual content Ratio—which is essentially the percent of that page that is textual content.